Enjoy true wireless charging freedom with this pre-Black Friday power bank deal

Don't get tied down by a charging cable.

TL;DR: The XVIDA Magnetic Wireless Power Bank and Phone Case set is 37% off with the code SAVE15NOV as of Nov. 4 — get it now for $46.74.

Qi chargers are great and all until you realize you have to keep your phone in one place to get the charge. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to wirelessly charge your phone without having to stay near a wall outlet or near a flat magnetic surface that holds the charge?

With this magnetic wireless power bank duo from XVIDA, you can finally get a charging device that moves with you and doesn’t hold you back. Even better, for a limited time, you can enter the pre-Black Friday code SAVE15NOV at checkout and slash over 35% off.

The ultra-slim design makes the XVIDA the perfect multi-functional charger to add to your lifestyle. The power bank magnetically attaches to the magnet in the iPhone case, so you can text, chat, or move anywhere you please while still getting a fast charge. This small, yet mighty power bank is so efficient, you’ll get 25 percent more energy than typical chargers with approximately 25 percent more magnetic strength. Even better, it will charge your devices faster than the typical USB charge — up to 50 percent faster, that is.

If you’re ever in a hurry or need to get directions with a dwindling battery, you can quick charge with this power bank and go from zero to 80 percent functioning power in a matter of just 35 minutes. Since the power bank itself weighs just 4.6 ounces, carrying it around with you will never weigh you down. It easily fits in pockets, backpacks, gym bags, and glove compartments.

This magnetic wireless power bank with the matching and connecting iPhone phone case retails for $75. But for a limited time, when you enter code SAVE15NOV to secure the pre-Black Friday deal, you’ll get it for just $46.74.


Black phone, case, and power bank set

Credit: Xvida

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