‘Tyrannophone’ iPhone case comes with an actual dinosaur tooth

Dinosaur fans, this one is for you.

Just when you thought iPhone cases could not become any crazier — just remember the Putin case and the case that doubles as a mechanical watch — comes the Tyrannophone, probably the best luxury phone case for true dinosaur fans.

Made by luxury case maker Caviar, the Tyrannophone is obviously all about the T-Rex, but the dino’s head on the iPhone’s back is special in several ways. First, it’s not just an image, but a 3D, volumetric sculpture made out of titanium with black PVD coating.

Warning: it's not cheap.

Warning: it’s not cheap. Credit: Caviar

The dinosaur’s eye is real amber, and one of its teeth is made from a fragment of a real Tyrannosaurus tooth, which Caviar claims is 80 million years old. It’s not clear exactly from where (or whom, rather) this tooth was procured. Oh, and there are also gold plated jewelry inserts for good measure.

One of the teeth is real.

One of the teeth is real. Credit: Caviar

The Tyrannophone’s innards, as formidable as it may seem, are identical to the regular iPhone 13 Pro. The Tyrannophone only comes with one storage capacity, though: 1TB.

The T-Rex iPhone is a very limited edition device; only 7 units will ever be produced. The price for that sort of rarity is as extravagant as you would expect: $8,610 per piece. The Tyrannophone can be ordered from Caviar.

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